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عوارِفُ الْمَعارِف / مَعارِفُ الْعَوارِف

Awarif al-Maarif / Maarif al-Awarif

2014 / 1393
23/5 × 16/5 × 3 CM
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Hardcover / 745
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عَوارِفُ الْمَعارِف  شیخ شَهاب الدین سهروردی ، چاپ عکسی دستنویس  شماره 36 کتابخانه مجلس سنا، ذیل مَعارِف العَوارِف صدرالدین جُنید شیرازی، چاپ عکسی دستنویس شماره 1437 کتابخانه عاطف افندی «استانبول» / دو کتاب در یک مجلد

Awarif al-Ararif

This book is the most important work of Sheikh Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi (632 AD), who is one of the mothers of Sufi books. The copy published in this book in the form of a photo is written by one of his followers, Sadr al-Din Junaid Shirazi, dated 751 AH.

Under the teachings of Al-Awarif

This book is the only found work of Sadr al-Din Junaid Shirazi (791 AH), which was written in the description and explanation of Ma'arif al-Awarif (Translation of Awarif al-Ma'arif) by Zahir al-Din Abdul Rahman Shirazi (716 AH). The version that is published in this book in the form of a photo is written on the date of 1003 AH and the author wrote it from the version that was written on the date of 786 AH.

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